Saving Our Environment One Decision At A Time

Saving Our Environment One Decision At A Time

Propane's Unique Properties and How They Benefit You

Propane has long been used for grills and cooking food. Once upon a time, its cousin, natural gas, was the main gas for heating, but then propane began gaining ground. Due to its many properties, propane has become widely used and so very popular. Here are the unique properties of propane and how propane can benefit you. Much Cleaner Burning Fuel Natural gas is the st

Enhance Your Business with Solar Panels

Owning and operating a business takes dedication, skill, and, most important—the right tools. When you were building your business's arsenal, one helpful tool you may have overlooked is solar panels. Installation of solar panels is a valuable tool for energy conservation, but solar panels can also be incredibly useful in other areas of your company. Learn how solar pa

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Grease Trap In Your Industrial Kitchen

When you run an industrial kitchen, one of the many things that you are responsible for is setting-up and keeping a grease trap clean. If your business is connected to a city water system, there are more than likely business ordinance in place that you have to follow in respect to using a grease trap. Even if your business has its own water supply, you still don't wan

Establishing A Program To Deal With Hazardous Waste

Anytime a business produces hazardous waste from production processes; there must be a program in place to properly handle the material. Not all hazardous materials are the same and dealing with them needs to be tailored to the material and the law. Consider the following points if you produce a product that leaves you with a hazardous waste product. Safe Handling&nbs

3 Tips To Make Clean-Up Easy After A Marathon

If you're involved in the planning of a marathon that is being held in your community, you might have already volunteered to help with cleanup. Even though you might be happy to help, you might be a bit worried about just how much work is going to be involved. 1. Rent a Dumpster If your marathon is going to be a big event with a lot of people, then it's only natural t